What do we do?

Drop-in clinics

Join us for a drop-in beginner-level clinic developed by professional European and American players and coaches. Learn beach volleyball in a stress-free environment and meet new people in a fun and social setting.

If you have never played beach volleyball or have limited experience and want to learn the fundamentals and improve your skills in a supportive and fun environment, this is the class for you!

Our 1.5 clinic is a great way to get some beach volleyball time without a long term commitment. Simply show up, pay a one time fee, and play! Each clinic includes:

Every clinic is different based on both the people that come and the training plan we follow. We assess everyone’s skill level at the beginning and choose drills that will appropriately challenge every participant. So you will never have to do anything that is too easy or too hard.

Our clinics are welcome to all ages and skill levels. We have had participants of all shapes, colors, and sizes from ages 12 through over 60.

Clinics run regularly at South Mission Beach (N. Jetty Road, San Diego CA, 92109) on:

We sometimes add additional dates based on holidays and interest. View our full clinic schedule here

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Custom Group Training

Train consistently with a small group at a similar level to improve your beach volleyball game faster. Our custom group training programs pair players at the same level so we can design a training plan specifically for you and your group. You can create a group with your friends or join one of our groups. How your custom group training will work

  • We form a group of players at a similar level. The group size is limited so that everyone can get lots of touches and be really involved.
  • The same group meets once per week (or more) based on everyone's schedule. We pick a day and time that works for everyone.
  • We follow a training plan specifically for your level that builds each week.

Why your custom group training will work well

Consistently training with a small group is one of the best ways to improve at beach volley because:
  • Your partners are all at a similar level which makes drill run smoother and faster,
  • The group size is limited, so you get more touches,
  • As everyone improves over time, we introduce more advanced drills and skills including defensive systems, transition setting/attacking, serve receives, reading hitters, court vision, and more,
  • Gameplay becomes more competitive, and you have the option of staying after training to play extra games with your group.
  • You get to know and connect to your group members as you work together. Our groups are like little families. :)

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If you have questions please email us at smile@lifesabeachcamps.com or DM our instagram @lifesabeachcamps_sd

Example Training Schedule

Strength & Conditioning (10 min) Skill Development (50 min) Game Play (30 min)
Warm-Up & injury prevention Explosiveness and speed training Coordination Drills Fundamental Techniques Game Situation Drills Mini- tournaments, Side-out games, etc.
Full body static and dynamic stretching Interval sprints.
Squat jumps.
Rhythmic lunge jumps.
Speed ladder.
4-star drill.
Multi-ball passing.
Under/over the net ball control drill. Hit timing and footwork around the net.
Passing, setting, digging, serving, hitting with a focus on ball control and proper technique. Serve receive, set, and attack. Transition setting and attacking. Drop/pull off the net. Live gameplay with individual feedback and instruction as needed. Players will have the opportunity to play with professional coaches as their partner.

Please contact us via email at lifesabeachcamps@gmail.com with questions.
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Corporate Events

Are you looking for an energetic event for your company that won’t break the bank? Ask us about organizing a corporate event filled with beach volleyball drills and games. Enjoy an active and invigorating day while strengthening the camaraderie of your team.

Our drills and games are designed to promote collaboration and offer a challenging and motivating team building experience. Our events will not only build your employees’ confidence in themselves but also strengthen the bonds within your organization.

We can tailor your experience based on the size and demographics of your company and the amount of time needed. Contact us via email for details and pricing at smile@lifesabeachcamps.com

Who are we?

Life’s A Beach Camps was founded in 2018 by Emir Kavuzlu, a Professional National and Olympic Beach Volleyball Player with over 25 years of experience playing and coaching beach volleyball all over the world..

Our training programs are designed by Emir, and professional players and coaches Girol Eryildiz, Erkan Togan, and Can Ayvazoğlu and leverage decades of experience playing and coaching beach volleyball internationally.


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Dan Palenchar

Dan is an avid beach volleyball player with over ten years of experience as an athletics coach and educator. Dan trained closely with Emir for over six months to learn professional drills, techniques, and game theory. Dan runs clinics and group trainings for Life’s A Beach Camps San Diego, working closely with players to improve fundamentals, techniques, and beach volleyball IQ. Since founding Life’s A Beach Camps in early 2019, Dan has instructed dozens of students. Dan has degrees in biochemistry and human nutrition, has published several scientific articles in the fields of genetics, metabolism and medicine, and works a consultant specializing in project management.

Get in touch with us

Please email us at smile@lifesabeachcamps.com or DM our instagram @lifesabeachcamps_sd with questions or comments.

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