Do you like being active on holidays ?
If you want to learn and play beach volleyball with a group of fun,
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Who are we?

Life’s A Beach Camps was founded in 2018 by Emir Kavuzlu, a Professional National Beach Volleyball Player with over 20 years of experience playing and coaching beach volleyball all over the world. He has a masters degree in Business Information Systems and has been working for his family business; an advertising and production company.

We have a multi-national coaching staff; Girol Eryıldız, Kilian Stracks, Buğra Eryıldız, and Ksenia Khakimzyanova have over 25 years of playing and coaching beach volleyball professionally. Our program design draws from our experience working closely with volleyball professionals from Brazil, USA, Russia and Latvia. Our program leverages our combined knowledge and experience to create a constructive, encouraging, and effective approach to beach volleyball training.

We do events all over the world. We have been to Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. We are planning to expand to Australia in 2020.

Our trainings can be held in English, German, Dutch, Russian and Turkish.

What do we do?

Camp for adults

Our highly individualized camp programs are prepared by our experienced professional team to make sure you have a great week filled with all things beach volleyball. Our program teaches all aspects of beach volleyball and is catered to your skill levels, ability, age, and goals. Our program offers theoretical, strength-conditioning, ball training, tournaments, and more in a fun and supportive environment!

Our camp program makes learning beach volleyball fun! You will be actively trained throughout the camp and will regularly play side by side with national team players in drills and tournaments. Working on sand will help you improve your strength, stamina and overall fitness level.

You will spend an entire week together with a group of beach volleyball enthusiasts. After training and socializing with them on and off the court you will leave not only as an improved beach volleyball player but also with new friends and memories to last a lifetime. Join us because life is better at the beach!

Camp schedule:

  • Days 1-5: Two 1-hour training sessions per day (e.g., theoretical, athletic, ball training),
  • Day 6: Tournaments (men, women, mixed, king/queen of the beach, costume)
Strength & Conditioning (10 min) Skill Development (35 min) Game Play (15 min)
Warm-Up & injury prevention Explosiveness and speed training Coordination Drills Fundamental Techniques Game Situation Drills Mini- tournaments, Side-out games, etc.
Full body static and dynamic stretching Interval sprints.
Squat jumps.
Rhythmic lunge jumps.

Speed ladder.
4-star drill.
Multi-ball passing.

Under/over the net ball control drill.

Hit timing and footwork around the net.
Passing, setting, digging, serving, hitting with a focus on ball control and proper technique. Serve receive, set, and attack.

Transition setting and attacking.

Drop/pull off the net.
Live gameplay with individual feedback and instruction as needed.
You will have the opportunity to play with professional coaches as their partner.

Youth training programs

Our youth training programs are a great way for your child to get exercise and learn valuable lessons in a supportive and safe environment.

The benefits your child will gain from our programs include:

  • Meeting new friends around their age with similar interests,
  • Developing teamwork and leadership skills while gaining confidence in themselves,
  • Getting great exercise and have fun doing it!
  • Training on sand offers some unique benefits, including:
  • Greater levels of strength and fitness due to the high resistance and dynamic surface,
  • Reduced risk of injuries since sand is low impact.

We will tailor each program based on the skill level of the group, both individually and as a whole. Each child will receive an appropriate level of instruction which will challenge them to improve and achieve manageable goals.

Children who are new to beach volleyball will learn basic skills and fundamental techniques such as bumping, setting, and hitting with the proper form. They will also learn basic game strategy such as positioning on the court and how to support their teammates.

Experienced children will expand beyond the basics and learn techniques such as digging, setting and hitting in transition, tomahawk receptions, blocking, advanced hitting techniques (e.g., pokey, drop shots, cut shots, rainbow shots). They will also receive theoretical training such as reading opponent attacks, defensive strategies, court vision, and more!

Personal and Group Trainings

In addition to our camp program, we offer personal and group training sessions throughout the week for an additional fee. We can accommodate groups of 1-16 people. If you are an individual interested in group training we can place you into a group appropriate for your skill level

***Price table for personal and group packages***

# of people 1 session 5 sessions 10 sessions
1 €100 €450 €800
2-4 €70/pp €300/pp €500/pp
5-8 €50/pp €200/pp €300/pp

Corporate events

Are you looking for an energetic event for your company that won’t break the bank? Ask us about organizing a corporate event filled with beach volleyball drills and games. Your employees will get active and invigorated, soak up some sun, and work together as a team in a supportive environment.

Our drills and games are designed to promote collaboration and offer a challenging and motivating team building experience. Our events will not only build your employees’ confidence in themselves but also strengthen the bonds within your organization.

We can tailor your experience based on the size and demographics of your company and the amount of time needed. Contact us for details and pricing. We had a group of 150 Dutch people in 2018 for 3 weeks in Robinson Club Nobilis.

2024 Camp Dates

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Emir Kavuzlu

Emir is an active national team player, coach, and board member of the Turkish Volleyball Federation. Throughout his career, he has played on the FIVB World Tour and CEV (European Volleyball Association) Beach Volleyball Tour. He has won many medals in the Turkish Beach Volley league, Pro Beach Tour, and CEV Snow Volleyball tournaments. Emir has worked and trained with some of the best professional coaches and players around the world. For the past ten years, Emir has been organizing volleyball training camps and providing private and small group training. He brings years of professional experience to Life’s A Beach Camps and proven methods of success on the sand. He has a bachelor's degree in business administration, a master's degree in business information management, and multiple certificates from SDSU. He has experience in advertising, production, digital design and business development.

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Girol Eryıldız

Represented North Cyprus and Turkey in several international competitions and won numerous gold medals in Turkish Beach Volleyball Series Pro Beach Tours. He has also won the second place title in the Balkan Championships. He is still actively playing beach volleyball and organizing camps with Emir Kavuzlu. He has acquired his Bachelors degree on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in the UK and been living in Cyprus since 2008. Also a massive fan of technology and cryptocurrencies.


Kilian Stracks

Born in Hall, Austria. Kilian was raised in Luxembourg and has Luxembourgish nationality. He fluently speaks 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish and his mother tongue Luxembourgish. Having a handball background as a child and young teenager, he discovered his passion for beach volleyball with the sport getting bigger in his country and kept his love for the sport until today. He is co-founder of Luxembourg’s first and only beach volleyball club and is still actively playing the Luxembourgish tour as well as some German tournaments. With his Bachelor's degree in social pedagogy, he is not only convincing on the beach volleyball court but also in his dealings with children and teenagers. Besides his passions for beach volleyball and the education of young people, his heart is beating for new technologies including web3 and blockchain development where he actively is building innovative projects for the future.


Bugra Eryıldız

She has been representing Turkish Beach Volleyball National Team in CEV European Tour, CEV Snow Volley and FIVB World Tour more than 100 times since 2002. In 2017 she played the final in CEV Snow Volleyball European Championship Austria. Also in 2017 she played the final in FIVB World Tour Alanya.


Ksenia Khakimziyanova

She speaks Russian and fluent English. She is an active beach volleyball player and coach. She has played for the Youth Russian National BeachVolley team 2011-2015; Russian Indoor National Police team . She won 2 Gold medals ; 3 silver medals in Russian Beach volleyball Championship. She also won gold and silver medals in Student Russian Championship indoor and beach volleyball tournaments. She also competed in snowvolleyball tournaments and has won a silver medal in CEV Euro Snow Volleyball Tour Bursa tournament.


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